Spring Internship 2024

By Will Johnston

VPC, Inc. welcomes their spring 2024 internship recipient, Zhiqi “Leon” Lai. Leon was born in China and moved to the United States in 2015. He is a University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) graduate who majored in Visual Art – Concentration of Cinematic Art. Leon’s interests include anime, movies, and a strong passion for basketball. He watches the NBA every day with his favorite team being the San Antonio Spurs. His favorite player of all-time is Michael Jordan and emphasizes repeatedly that he is the GOAT. 

He describes joining VPC as serendipity. During the interview process, he was impressed with VPC’s professionalism, efficiency, and cliental, and fell in love with the team on day one. With a garage full of film equipment back home, Leon can’t wait to hone his skills as a videographer and editor, and to branch his network within VPC.

As VPC’s intern for the spring, we look to give him ample amounts of opportunity not only in the office working within Adobe Premiere and After Effects but also in the field with our producers and videographers. Leon is most looking forward to working with crews in the field on interviews and events. VPC plans to include him on as many electric news gathering (ENG) shoots as possible.

Look for Leon alongside other VPC videographers at future events!
We are excited to enhance his knowledge and to have Leon as a part of our VPC team.